Product review: Introducing LG Commercial drier

Doing laundry can be such a daunting task especially in this unpredictable weather patterns. ‘Mama Fua’ as we call them will wash your duvet and a week’s laundry during the weekend and should the weather favor you your laundry will air dry in one afternoon.

On the flip side, should there be bad weather then you are rest assured that your laundry will dry in give or take a week or three days – depending on weather.

While one can opt to call in a ‘Mama fua’ there is also another alternative to this laundry madness. Visit a nearby laundromat. There are a few Laundromats in Nairobi where you could actually walk in and get your laundry done and pick them in a few hours.

In a typical laundromat, laundry will be washed in one hour or less and dried in half an hour maximum. One good thing about laundromats is the ability to dry your laundry in just a couple of minutes especially so if they have the LG commercial drier.

Today we review the LG commercial drier.

Simple installation operation

Compared to other driers, LG commercial driers are plug and play. There is need though to ensure that there are adequate power guards and circuit breakers that can support electricity output from the drier. LG commercial drier uses 5400W which means that it requires a single power guard AVS 30 AMPs to support it without sharing with any other machine.

One interesting feature is that it has no power on button and as soon as you connect it to the socket and switch it on, it powers on and ready for your use. It only has the start/pause button.

Large capacity with big drum volume

It comes with a big drum with a 10 kg capacity. Big enough to fit the king size duvets – 6 x 6 or big curtains, Duvets will take less than 20 minutes to dry while normal laundry will take half an hour making it a worthwhile experience.

Efficient and simple to use dry cycles

LG Commercial drier which is much bigger than a standard gas cooker has only five buttons available for use which are pretty straight forward and friendly to use. Each button has a drying time of 10 minutes and can be adjusted accordingly to increase the drying time. Additionally, if you really need high heat temperature for faster drying you can actually select – high heat. Same applies to medium heat and low heat. Moreover there is a no heat button that you can use if you just want your laundry to tumble without heat so as to remove any laundry wrinkles.

Excellent lint collection tray

Compared to a domestic drier from any brand, LG have made their lint collection point very easy to use. There is a large tray that is inside the drum at the bottom which collects lint from laundry in such a way that it doesn’t get to the laundry being dried. The trick here is to empty the lint tray after every dry cycle.

Great ventilation reducing drying time

This is what makes the whole drying experience worthwhile. At the back side of the drier there is a big air vent that emits hot vapor that is condensed from laundry that tumbles in the big drum. Big ventilation here means reduced drying time as there is lots of hot air getting out through the vent.

Price point

It all boils down to cost. A standard LG commercial drier costs approximately Kshs 150,000 and can be purchased at any LG retail shop. Having used this machine to dry my laundry at Babafua Laundromat, I would definitely recommend this machine  for any laundromat start up as there are no down times, dries faster laundry  and has low maintenance cost.

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