Introducing LG commercial washing machine

Washing duvets and big curtains is such a cumbersome job in the 21st century and more often than not many people will pile up such fabrics before washing them. This applies too for ordinary laundry as it will take so much time doing a week’s laundry while it takes minutes to clean the same by a washing machine.

For commercial washing machines it’s even better, especially for laundromats and laundry businesses.

Today, we review LG commercial washing machine.

Simple installation and operation

Compared to a domestic washing machine, LG commercial washing machine is easy to use as it only has five buttons that have different temperature settings and wash time cycles. One interesting feature about this machine is the ability to set your own wash time cycle through a guided formula as provided in the manual.

This means you can actually set a quick wash cycle of as little as 30 minutes.

For installation, one needs to ensure that it is supported by its own circuit breaker and power guard.

Atomizing system

It comes with a little water spray at the top of the tub that sprays laundry with fresh water during a wash cycle thereby preventing suds on the door consequently reducing washing cycle.

10 degree tilted smart tub

The 10kg drum is tilted 10 degrees to ensure that laundry soaks completely in water during the wash cycle. This ensures that the washing cycle is efficient using less water. The machine uses a direct drive technology which means it rotates both clockwise and anticlockwise during a wash cycle hence using less energy while still delivering exceptional washing results.

One exceptional feature of the smart tub is the ability to simultaneously rinse and spin laundry which reduces the duration of each wash cycle cutting down on waiting time and allowing more wash cycles per day. Additionally, the stainless steel tub guarantees a much longer life span.

Top mounted dispenser

Unlike the domestic washing machines that you find in supermarkets and other dealers, LG commercial washing machines comes with a top mounted soap dispenser that is clearly labelled – bleach, softener and detergents. This really helps for a first time user as it will make it very easy to know what detergent to put where.

Additionally, it also has some guided marks with instructions on how much detergent to put in each of the three detergent compartments.

When a wash cycle begins, high water pressure mixes with soap in the drawer to ensure lathering when washing.

Top mounted dispenser also makes it very easy when pouring detergents.


Coin laundry

LG have also customized this machine to use both manual setting and a coin operated setting which typically means with an additional item the machine can use token that are calibrated to start selected wash cycle when inserted. Similar to the way we pay for parking at malls

Price point

With all this attention to detail, LG commercial washing machine is a bit more pricier than the commercial drier and will set you back with approximately Kshs. 320,000. I highly recommend this for laundry businesses but more so laundromats.


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