Flight Travel deals start early in 2019

Happy New Year! I will keep saying this statement till end of January. I generally don’t make new years resolutions, I just make a vision board on what I want to be better at, growing from last year. For the year 2019, I plan to travel much more on and off the African continent.  I want to make new memories, experience new places, cultures and taste some great cuisines.

I particularly like to travel in comfort and great customer service is important to me especially if my means of travel is by air. One airline that gives me great customer service is Emirates and just as luck may have it they have special fares for Kenyans this January for travels to various destinations in Europe, Far East, America and South Asia.

Emirates has an offer where Business Class passengers can enjoy fares to Europe, Far East, Americas and South Asia starting at USD 1895, USD1930, USD 2723 and USD 1654 respectively.  Economy Class passengers can enjoy fares starting at USD 649 to Europe, USD 719 to Far East. USD 999 to America and USD 527 to South Asia.  This offer is for bookings made from this second week of January until 21st January 2019 and you need to travel in the fast half of the year deadline basically by 30th June 2019, this works perfectly for me.

Mr. Hendrik Du Preez, Emirates East Africa, Regional Manager based in Nairobi has indicated that if we are  celebrating a special occasion or taking our family on  holiday, making that trip of a lifetime, or attending a reunion with family or friends, this is the time to make our 2019 travel plans. He also added that the Emirates is offering customers these fares to enable exploration of great destinations at great value while ensuring we enjoy the journey. This statement works for me, I told you love great customer service.

Regardless of class of travel,  Emirates’ has proved to  customers that we can enjoy great entertainment and music on board from 4,000 channels of on-demand entertainment, up to 20MB complimentary on-board Wi-Fi, not forgetting the good food.

To get more information on Emirates’ special 2019 fares, you can visit www.emirates.com or contact a travel agent.  Happy New Year Once more!!!

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