Advanced and innovative technology in Vacuum cleaners

LG Electronics has developed a new generation of vacuum cleaners that are smart, cordless, and enhance the user experience, making cleaning effortless. Smart vacuum cleaners with filter-sensing, floor-sensing, and battery-sensing technologies are in development in tandem with other advances. The products focus on a sustainable lifestyle driving the demand for energy-efficient vacuum cleaners.

To meet the growing demands of its customers in the MEA region, LG Electronics will roll out vacuum cleaners with advanced filtration, easy to store and powerful suction, all in a compact, energy-efficient battery-operated cordless form factor, giving consumers ease of use and operation, and peace of mind for household hygiene.

“Consumers today are seeking vacuum cleaners that offer flexibility and save time. The advancements in technology-supporting innovation have resulted in more user-friendly vacuum cleaners. The growing industrialization and busy lifestyles have led to a surge in demand for quicker, more efficient methods of cleaning at home,” said LG Managing Director in charge of East and Central Africa Janghoon Chung.

Global Industry Analysts forecast, the global household vacuum cleaners market is set to reach US$11.4bn by 2020. Euromonitor International’s market research indicates that bag-less vacuum cleaning devices are growing in popularity, particularly in the MEA region.

Developments in air filtration technology and the rising incidences of asthma are driving up sales of products with filtration standards like HEPA. There is also a strong focus on sustainability, driving the growth of more energy-efficient vacuum cleaners.

“Traditional cleaning methods often take longer, and have become comparatively tougher. There is also an increase in awareness of the health benefits of using a vacuum cleaner resulting in an increased demand for vacuum cleaners. Innovative technologies and features are constantly being integrated into vacuum cleaners, and cordless vacuum cleaner technology is gaining traction in the market today,” added Mr Chung.

According to market research firm IHS Markit, cordless vacuum cleaners currently account for 30% in the global vacuum cleaner market. LG’s cordless vacuum cleaner sales have increased on average 20% annually.

Weak suction power and short battery life are the technological hindrances in the wide market penetration of battery-powered vacuum cleaners; LG’s latest line-up will serve as a solution to the gaps within the vacuum cleaner market.

LG’s expertise within the vacuum cleaner market is a result of in-depth research and analysis, combining years of engineering efforts to bring a compact, reliable, easy-to-use, energy-efficient and powerful tool for everyday use.

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