Travel Hassle Free this Summer holiday/August holiday

The August school holidays are around the corner and this comes with fun activities planned for your children. This may include planning a trip overseas for your family to not only get the much required rest but also have fun.

Frequent travelling, whether for work or vacation can be daunting especially if there are many connections. Travel can get more complex when travelling with children, regardless of their age. Travelling with your young ones need not be a painful experience, as it’s the little things on board an aircraft that can make all the difference.

Here are a few tips to have up your sleeve as you plan for the August holiday travel. Key to note especially if you will be using an airplane to get to our holiday destination.

  1. Key necessities: When you take a flight, family friendly or familiar amenities help reduce anxiety build especially on long haul flights for young children. In case you forget some toys or books the children can play with if flying Emirates you are covered. You can get the activity bag designed for infants and children up to eight years old called  Fly with Me that includes stuffed animals that children can keep after their flight.
  2. Entertainment: Entertainment is a way of keeping children distracted especially when travelling on a long-haul flight. We often hear children asking, “are we there yet?” For those moments when they start to get jittery on the flight your children have the option of watching the latest child friendly films, cartoons, and more on their own personal seat back TV. You only need to set it up for them and you have them entertained during the flight.
  3. Food on the Flight: While parents are advised to carry formula or milk for infants, the dietary requirements for children between the ages of 2 and 12 are catered for on Emirates flights. The menu involves tried and true kids’ favorites, including vegetarian options. This ensures the kids continue to enjoy the flight.
  4. Keep your kids comfy: Make sure your kids are attired comfortably. Take an extra layer of clothing that can double up as a pillow so they can blissfully drift away into sleep.

Flights are looking to create seamless travel for those travelling with infants and children. Take Emirates who can avail a complimentary baby stroller service once you get to the Dubai International Airport. Another thing is providing priority boarding for those with children and toddlers so you can get them settled in and comfortable ahead of the flight.

As you plan your holiday, we wish you seamless and smooth travels as you travel. Here’s to Happy and fun school holiday trips this August.

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