The adventure of taking a flight with your children

Taking a flight especially when making connections via multiple airports can be challenging. When children are involved in the travel plans things can get stressful. We should view flying with our children as an exciting adventure.  Emirates recommends the following tips for seamless travel:

Good entertainment keeps the tantrums at bay
Keep children distracted when travelling on a long-haul flight. For those moments when they start to get jittery, your kids can watch the latest films, cartoons, and more on their own personal seat back TV.

Feeding Time!
When traveling with more than one child carry snacks for each child to avoid fights over who gets more. Each child should have a little sealed bag (preferably a zipper bag) with his or her name on it, and identical snacks, so everyone knows exactly what is theirs. Resist the temptation to keep the kids going on a long journey by feeding them sweets. Pack a mixture of savory snacks, anything to avoid arriving in a strange city with children in the middle of a sugar rush.

Meal times on board are fun and special meals are offered to children aged between 2 and 12 years old served on designed meal trays featuring the iconic Emirates cabin crew and pilots.

Playtime when travelling
Stock up on toys and include a combination of cuddly toys, action figures or whatever other toys your little one enjoys.

Take note of your child’s schedule
As much as possible, choose daytime flights so that you can get some rest for your kids in the midst of all the excitement. Emirates flies double daily flights from Nairobi, that is, at 4.35pm and at 10.50pm so you can select accordingly. Alternatively, you may find that for younger children, late night flights work best, as they will already be asleep.

Keep your children comfy
Make sure your kids are dressed comfortably. Carry an extra layer of clothing that can double up as a pillow so they can blissfully drift away, dreaming of dinosaurs or something.

Keep the children busy
Consider carrying notebooks and pens, or your child’s favorite book. In case you forget to pack these, Emirates has the Fly with Me Animals magazine exclusively for children that has stories, jokes, puzzles, and fun facts that are sure to entertain. Emirates offers dedicated children’s channels and special brightly colored headsets for younger passengers.

Families can look forward to even more, including a range of kid’s greeting cards to celebrate special occasions on board, and refreshed photo cards for cabin crew to capture special moments with an instant Polaroid camera.

Happy travelling!

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