Kenyan Artists Showcase Work At Safaricom Exhibition

35 of Kenya’s finest painters and illustrators showcased their works at an exhibition held to celebrate local artists. The artists, whose paintings and illustrations featured in Safaricom’s annual This Is My Kenya campaign and 2019 calendar, included: Daniel Njoroge, Kathy Katuti, Edwin Jongo, Michael Soi, Ellam Ombula, Patrick Karanja, Dickson Were and Tobiko Rupante, among others.

The campaign has been held every year since 2014, and brings together the country’s best talents in photography, painting and storytelling to showcase Kenya’s beauty and diversity through art. Each year, these works are then featured in Safaricom’s calendar, which has become a collectible and a platform through which some of the country’s finest creative talents can showcase their work to wider audiences.

“We received over 2,000 submissions from all over the country, and worked with the Kenya National Museum as well as renowned art collectives including Kuona Collective, Brush Tu, Dust Depot and The GoDown Arts Centre to help us select the pieces that would feature in our calendar. The selection process was quite challenging since we received very many high quality submissions, but we’re happy with the outcome and are fortunate to be in a position to nurture talent, support and celebrate Kenyan artists,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer – Safaricom.

Over the last 18 years Safaricom has extended its vision of transforming lives beyond the provision of relevant products and services, to investment in the arts through various initiatives including the annual This Is My Kenya campaign, Safaricom Youth Orchestra, Twaweza Live music concerts, the Safaricom International Jazz Festival, and the Michael Joseph Centre, a free-to-use space where those in the creative industry can showcase their work.

This Is My Kenya seeks to celebrate local creative talent in writing, photography, film, illustration and painting and art, and has evolved into an award-winning campaign that not only offers valuable exposure to local creatives; it showcases Kenya’s wildlife, landscapes and cultures through powerful imagery and storytelling.

In 2018 the campaign was recognised at the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) Awards, where Safaricom took home the 2nd runners up awards in the Best Digital Marketing and Best Brand PR Campaigns categories.

Last year’s This Is My Kenya campaign also saw a selection of some of Kenya’s most talented 2D illustrators and painters also offer their work up for sale on, where collectors and art enthusiasts can still purchase the one of a kind original pieces.


  1. Wycliff Opondo
  2. Clavers Odhiambo
  3. Daniel Njoroge
  4. Hannington Gwanzu
  5. Michael Daman
  6. Patrick Karanja
  7. Kathy Katuti
  8. Stephen Nyaga Hiram
  9. Michael Kyalo – has two pieces
  10. Kennedy Kinyua Kimani
  11. Evans Yegon
  12. George Kang’oroti Muuruh
  13. Kaafiri Kariuki
  14. Charles Ngatia
  15. Wilson Matunda
  16. Patrick Peter Kinuthia
  17. Charles Simeon
  18. Dickson Nedia Were
  19. Munene Kariithi
  20. Samuel N Njoroge
  21. Edwin Jongo
  22. Samuel Waithaka
  23. Coster Ojwang
  24. Tobiko Rupante
  25. Stanley Cheche
  26. Michael Soi
  27. Carl Lewis Ayieko
  28. Okeya Odhiambo
  29. Frank Mcharo
  30. Ellam Ombula
  31. Charles Mutune
  32. Peter Elungat
  33. Anthony Okello
  34. Patrick Mukabi
  35. Dennis Muraguri

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