Kenya Breweries launches Tusker Cider

Kenya Breweries Limited has launched a new alcoholic beverage, Tusker Cider. It is the first locally-produced cider in East Africa and made in Kenya.

Tusker Cider is a premium-crafted and drink created from fresh apples, balanced for a drinking experience. A cider is an alcoholic drink made from crushed apples.

Available from Friday in restaurants and bars, Tusker Cider comes in its own unique, clear glass bottle. Best served chilled and initially packaged in 500-mililitre bottles, Tusker Cider will retail at a recommended price (RRP) of Kshs 140.

Speaking during the launch event in Nairobi, Kenya Breweries Limited’s Managing Director, Jane Karuku said the launch of Tusker Cider is driven by the company’s commitment to market-led innovation and the need to expand consumers’ experience within the beverage alcohol market.

“Our ambition is to innovate constantly and at scale in order to address changing tastes and preference across a diverse category of consumers in the Kenyan market. This is the first locally-produced cider in the region, signifying how vibrant Kenya’s market has become in the last decade or so,” said Ms Karuku.

KBL Marketing and Innovations Director Stephen O’Kelly said: “Tusker Cider’s innovation is informed by positive socio-economic developments driving growth in the region, especially the emergence of millennials. These consumers are increasingly exposed through digital media and are more travelled, discerning and eager to try new products, such as Tusker Premium Cider. Our cider market entry – under the strength of the iconic Tusker brand name – underlines the confidence we have in the Tusker trade mark and we are really excited about its potential success and its great future.”

The innovation is likely to benefit from a rapidly-rising middle class segment of millennials, who currently comprise about 35% of population, according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

With Kenya’s economic growth momentum expected to be around 6% and retail trade, hotels and restaurants sub-sector projected to continue its sterling performance on last year, KBL is anticipating a vibrant period for innovations such as Tusker Cider.

Innovation brands have significantly contributed to KBL’s business growth in the last financial year and are expected to double their contribution in the next 2 years.

Tusker has a rich heritage since its launch in 1922 and is the leading, most-loved beer in Kenya, comprising Tusker Lager, Tusker Malt and Tusker Lite.

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