How a washing machine takes care of fabric

Many of us enjoy convenience especially when it comes to doing laundry. While majority of people still use the old ways where you manually wash laundry with your hands, more and more people are inclining to a new cost effective way of doing laundry – by a washing machine especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where people want restricted access of house helps at their homes.

Different washing machines have different ways they take care of fabric during a wash programme cycle. In the olden days, a washing machine used a conventional belt and pulley motor system where the motor rotates one way where in the end laundry that comes out of the machine would be heavily wrinkled.

LG electronics washing machine for example later on introduced a Direct Drive (inverter) that did away with the belt and pulley system and with this change, it ensured that the drum rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise at different intervals increasing the washing performance as clothes get to rub against each other as they tumble during a wash cycle.

In October 2009, LG Electronics introduced the 6 Motion Direct Drive technology to the front load washing machines and later on in January 2010 introduced the same to the top –load washers. This increased washing performance due to an introduction of six different washing movements in the drum that the technology brought on board. The six different motions are  – tumble, swinging, filtration, scrubbing, rolling and stepping mimicking what you would ordinarily do when manual washing laundry with your hands.

With this introduction, it optimized washing motions that resulted to more wash options and better fabric care.

Different fabric require different handling because of varying fabric characteristics and properties.  For example, cotton may be cotton for everyone but new generation washing machines detect the slightest nitty gritty details in texture and other characteristics so as to provide a more fabric sensitive handling care.

For example, the new generation LG Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive washing machine has this technology. It is able to detect different fabric in the drum and decides a suitable washing pattern hence enhancing performance. This in the long run ensures that the washing machine provides better care to all types of fabrics.






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