6 mistakes to avoid when machine washing your laundry

Have you washed your laundry in a washing machine or a laundromat and soon after the wash cycle is done you discover that either your laundry is not as clean or somethings up. Well, today we go through some top things to look out for before doing machine washing to ensure that your laundry is pristine clean.

  1. Washing on low water pressure

Modern washing machines rely on high water pressure to ensure that they wash cycle is seamless and the tumbling is efficient. However, if the water pressure is low, you may find the machine with repeated error signaling a low water pressure issue that most times makes the wash cycle stop. So before you begin you wash programme, ensure that your water source has enough water pressure.


  1. Using too much detergent

Another key problem and perhaps myth that too much soap equals to your laundry being more spotless clean. Well, this is not quite. Too much soap can cause suds build and most times you will find that after during the spin cycle, laundry still has soap bubbles indicating that its not well rinsed due to too much detergent that you initially put. To avoid this, use only half amount of detergent that you normally do then gradually increase that if your clothes are not coming out as clean as you would like. If you are using hard water you may require more soap than you are using.

  1. Tub clean the machine

When you clean your laundry with a washing machine over a period of time, the drum, filters accumulate bacteria and dirt that require self-cleaning. For most machines, after 20-30 washes, you are supposed to select a tub cleaning option in the wash programme so that it cleans the drum while heating water up to 95 degrees. For LG commercial washer, the tub clean option should sort this out comfortably.  Should you forget to do this step and continue doing your whites with the washing machine, the results will be devastating as the whites will be stained from accumulated dirt in the drum.


  1. Over filling the washing machine/drier

A washing machine cleans laundry by the act of clothes tumbling over each other in soapy water. If the machine is too full, laundry won’t tumble properly and the result is one big ball of laundry tumbling in either direction consequently not getting the desired results. This probably explains why shirt collars are normally as clean as you want them to.

The same applies for driers, properly circulation of heated air in the drier drum ensures that laundry gets dried in the shortest time possible. If the drier is too full, it means that there’s no proper air circulation hence laundry will take too long to dry. Continued over filling of the washing machine and drier will result to spoiling the machine mortar which is expensive to repair.

  1. Separate laundry that run

Mixing laundry that run is a recipe for disaster when machine washing your laundry. The best bet would be to separate laundry that run for a much predermined wash.

  1. Washing shirts all buttoned up

To some people, this would be a great idea but it can stress buttons and buttonholes and lead to premature poppage. Before beginning your wash cycle, take time to unbutton before tossing cloths in the washer.



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