5 things to consider when buying a washing machine

You are thinking of buying a washing machine, but you don’t know which one to choose. Today, we explore a number of factors that you may need to consider before purchasing a washing machine. This will greatly help you to make that important decision.

  • Load capacity

This is a very key consideration to make as you need to establish how big you want your washing machine to be depending on the number of people in your household. Most washing machines have the load size indicated at the front – in Kgs. 9 kg washing machines and above fit the king size duvet pretty well. This means that they can take in more load and reduce the washing cycles. Some brands like LG have their drums slightly titled at an angle. This is actually good as it increases the tumbling effect which in turn increases the washing performance.

  • Top loader vs front loader

Now this is a common question among many people before they make the purchasing decision. Think about it this way, a top loader washing machine is like a glass half full of water with a centrifuge machine at the bottom rotating the glass in different motions so that the laundry tumbles and gets clean. On the other hand, a front loader machine is a glass with a little water but completely tilted at 90 degrees. From this analogy, it is clear that front loaders consume less water compared to top loaders. That said, with a top loader you literally one the door latch and add water manually or laundry which you can’t with the front loader as the door is connected to a switch which must unlock before it releases the latch.

  • Efficiency

This is a critical element to consider. You want a machine that consumes relatively low electricity with high quality washing performance. For this, select the direct drive technology machines (they will be clearly marked on the washing machine). This means that they do not use a belt and pulley system and rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise.


  • Availability of high water pressure

Washing machines require a right amount of water pressure to work efficiently. The higher the pressure the faster the washing cycle. For most washing machines, if the sensor detects low water pressure, you are most likely to get a water pressure error at the display. This means that if you are using borehole water, you would need to add a water reservoir so that water comes down by gravity or you can actually purchase a water pump. This is a little detail but very important as the machine cannot wash without sufficient water pressure.


  • Technology

It’s important to have a rough idea of the kind of technology that the washing machines comes equipped with. For example, the new LG AI DD has three elements that make it have a better washing performance – steam technology elimates allergens found in clothes as well as makes laundry wrinkle free, has turbo wash and has artificial intelligence direct drive technology that enables it to detect the type of fabric to provide an appropriate wash pattern. Now, these information might look small but very important because to a large extent they contribute to the overall washing performance of the washing machine.


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