TSC Medical Scheme provider Minet unveils online portal, USSD code for teachers

Minet Kenya, the administrator of the Teachers Service Commission medical scheme, has unveiled an online portal for the scheme beneficiaries as a way of minimizing physical contact as part of the measures in place to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Teachers’ Medical Scheme, has over 300,000 teachers and their beneficiaries who can now enquire and report any cases of the coronavirus to the Company through a free short message code *202*07# and online portal-  https://collaborationkenya.minet.com/tscresponse

“This move was necessary following the Government’s directives on dealing with the Coronavirus scourge, which, among other measures, requires that the public keep personal interactions as minimal as possible. The SMS code and online portal now make it possible for teachers under the TSC medical scheme to report any cases of Coronavirus of to us without necessarily visiting the offices,” said Minet Kenya Chief Executive Officer Sammy Mithui.

“I would, however, like to emphasize that we have set up a team of health and safety members who are already receiving all cases and giving guidelines. I also wish to add that our head office is still functional and we are available to provide updates on ambulatory, hospitals and self-quarantine support through the numbers 0800721316, 0732353535, and 0729471414. Our regional officers and county officers are working from home but are available on call as well,” Mr. Muthui added.

To further reduce exposure, Mr. Muthui said the insurer has recommended to hospitals to consider switching from fingerprints to alternative methods of identifying patients such as mobile USSD one-time-pin, access cards, optical, facial and voice recognition among other options where technology allows.

“We have immediately instructed service providers to implement the one-time-pin (OTP) system for identification in place of fingerprints,” Mr. Muthui said.

He assured teachers that Minet will continue to liaise with the government for guidance on the management of the Coronavirus disease and will provide any new directives whenever necessary.

“The information we have as at now is that most hospitals are working towards preparing their facilities to manage any coronavirus patients and as such we urge teachers under the scheme to consult with us in case they might need admission as a result of such an infection. Alternatively, they can easily use the short code *202*07# to make related reports to us,” said Mr. Muthui.

Kenya has so far registered over 100 positive cases on the disease.


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