The new head of LG Electronics’ mobile business, spoke about the importance of meeting consumers’ real needs by improving trust in the LG brand and focusing on core technologies at the MWC 2018. High-end interim products based on successful premium devices such as V30S ThinQ will play an important role toward that goal, according to LG Mobile Communications Company president Hwang Jeong-hwan.

“The majority smartphone customers today desire a great user experience that thoughtfully reflects how they work and play,” said Mr. Hwang. “LG customers expect our phones to excel in four core technologies which we call the ‘ABCD’ of killer features – audio, battery, camera and display. We will prioritize these features not only in our new flagship products but also in our interim products starting with the LG V30S ThinQ .”

Leveraging its well-received smartphone platforms with incremental software and aesthetic upgrades will deliver a longer and more satisfying ownership experience for existing customers.  Features and unique color options  make LG devices stand out from the competition enabling consideration from new customers.  Enhanced product build quality and after-sales service like the continuous AI suite updates will give consumers reason to consider LG when shopping for a new smartphone.

Great audio, one of the most frequently overlooked features in high-end smartphones, is a key reason for consumers choose LG phones. LG’s advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC technology will continue to be enhanced and developed in future devices. Developing better battery technologies in partnership with LG Chem will be a top priority. LG smartphone cameras seek to lead the industry with better lenses and improved low light performance, they will get smarter with the addition of artificial intelligence to take much of the guesswork out of capturing that perfect shot. The company has indicated more investment in research & development.

“The smartphone market has evolved significantly over the past decade and the challenge now is to define our path forward for the next decade,” Mr. Hwang said. “There are very few companies with the depth of experience and diversity of product knowledge as LG. We have every intention of growing our mobile footprint and thriving in this environment with our AI capabilities leading the way.”

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