E- Learning accelerating education for women

The month of March has marked the celebration of women their achievements and milestones achieved. ‘Education is the key to success,’ is a phrase we have all heard at one point in our life. We live in a world where the boy child is always competing with the girl child for the limited resources when it comes to learning.

Education has been termed as the solution to all problems occurring in Africa. When women are empowered and treated equally, society and the economy feels the immediate impact, creating a more sustainable future for all.

According to trading economics, female literacy rate  in Kenya is at 74.9 percent, compared to the literacy rate of males at 81.1 percent, close however this shows the difference in literacy levels. The girl child has found it difficult to achieve literary goals because of early marriage and teenage pregnancy leading to a huge dropout rate from school.

Affordable access to the internet has opened up a world of opportunities. Women and girls are taking up e-learning courses where they get access to material to enhance their skills and gain more knowledge. To access e-learning courses as you are on the go means you need a device that is easy to use, portable and durable.

LG gram laptops promise portable computing with improved mobility and durability. These laptops have versatile functionality making them suitable for e- learning. The ultra-thin laptops have a highly efficient battery, which allows longer work time without plugging in, lasting up to almost a full day on a single charge.

“We pride ourselves in innovating products that have customer focus, easy to use and durable. The LG gram laptops are incredibly light and they are available in Kenya on order. As we celebrate women this month we encourage girls and women to try this product,” says Moses Marji, the LG General Manager Marketing.

E-learning is effective and educational experts are encouraging more people to take this up as they look to enhance their skills.  Many open online courses are enabling learning as effectively as traditional courses set in a classroom.

We celebrate women and having a tool in their hands that allows them access to new opportunities is key. Happy Women’s month and cheers to more e-learning opportunities accelerating education for women.

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