Are Nokia Smartphones future ready phones with 5G Capability?

Technology has evolved making our connectivity speeds faster resulting in always on connections.  The pandemic has also shown that a smartphone is essential when it comes to productivity at work, school, getting news or connecting via video calls with our loved ones.  Smartphones have bridged distance enabling you to feel close to others albeit in a different time zone or area.

In 2020, Nokia Smartphones launched it’s first 5G enabled device capable of global roaming and optimized for todays and future standalone networks, the Nokia 8.3 5G was unveiled to the world. This unveil is aligned with HMD Global the home of Nokia phones statement to make 5G connectivity accessible via their mobile phones.

The Nokia 8.3 5G has proven to offer fast connectivity technology by enabling the users of this smartphone to stream films in a flash, share videos in an instant and for the growing community of gamers they can now play games with out distractions that come from connectivity lags. The phone also has the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G Modular Platform that is optimized for 5G and global roaming, so you’ll be ready for future technology.

Phone manufacturers have been at the forefront of manufacturing smartphones that provide for customer needs and lately with focus on evolving with future technology. As countries deploy 5G technology and more people understand the benefits, 5G enabled smartphones will be essential to enjoy entertainment and work seamlessly.

Nokia phones are renowned for their battery power and on this 5G enabled device HMD Global has incorporated AI technology that optimizes battery power enabling you to keep one charge going for up to 2(two) days. This means you get more from your phone and the phone also has fast charging.

When we reflect on future ready smartphones, one thing I like about Nokia Smartphones is that their phones will get two years of Android upgrades and you get three years of security updates ensuring that your phone is safe and secure. The Android 11 roll out has begun for Nokia 8.3 5G globally and we await the rollout for Africa, estimated to be in the coming month.

So, are Nokia smartphones future ready? When it comes to security, I like the monthly security updates ensuring the data on my phone is secure. The Android updates are a plus and because it is pure Android. About 5G well they have made a one device the Nokia 8.3 5G device, I hope we get to see more affordable devices from Nokia with 5G to enable this experience to a larger audience. I would like to see a mid-range Nokia phone with 5G.

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