LG launches twin wash washing machine

LG Electronics  has launched its twin wash washing machine into the Kenyan market. This  washing machine has the ability to simultaneously wash two separate loads of laundry. The TWINWash™ also boasts a premium design that exudes elegance and style that features a striking white, ergonomically designed exterior and tempered black glass echo the design of the premium lineup’s washing machine.

The  twin wash maximizes user convenience by making it possible for users to wash two loads of laundry at once. With both the main washer and mini washer that can be operated independently or simultaneously, the twin wash enables users to wash laundry items which require separate settings (such as colors and whites, normal and delicate items, large and small items in addition to clothing for adults and children).

Furthermore, the twin wash  significantly reduces washing time by allowing for two loads to be cleaned simultaneously – completing both wash cycles in just 49 minutes.  In addition to the powerful main front load washer and convenient mini washer, the washing machine comes with LG’s efficient Eco-hybrid dryer function which provides consumers with the ultimate all-in-one solution as well as a washer / dryer that meets their everyday laundry needs.

Speaking at the launch event Mr. Moses Marji said: “ Our new washing machine allows users to wash two separate loads of laundry at the same time, offering our consumers peak comfort and flexibility. As Kenyan families become busier and the demands of the home increase, the Twinwash machine not only compliments the aesthetics of the home but will give our consumers the opportunity to allocate their time to other needs within the home .”

Technologically advance

The twin wash main washer uses an array of advanced technologies such as true steam and turbo wash to provide a powerful washing performance. True steam,  penetrates fabrics with steam to eliminate 99.9 percent of household allergens as well as wrinkles and odors all while softening and refreshing clothing. The powerful turbo wash minimizes washing time by using powerful jet spray and filtration to disperse concentrated detergent directly onto the clothes inside.

 The twin wash is also fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to easily control and monitor the appliance from anywhere as well as download wash cycles via the download cycle feature, track energy use through the Energy Monitoring feature, and diagnose any problems by opening the Smart Diagnosis™ program on a connected device.

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